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Riello 40 f5 pump screen cover

Swilson08Swilson08 Posts: 34Member
I've discovered my pump screen cover has a square gasket. According to the book it should be a oring. Anybody have any ideas why it's a gasket.

Thank you in advance


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 3,648Member
    Don't use the gasket. I forget why but I think it was ok on one of their older fuel pumps, others it will damage the pump.
    Only use the O-ring.

    And why your at it, dust is going to kill that burner. Better figure out a way to bring in clean combustion air.
    Because taking out the motor to clean the blower wheel is a serious job that is really only for the skilled Riello burner mechanic. Any beginners thinking its as easy as a Beckett will be in for a long day.
  • Swilson08Swilson08 Posts: 34Member
    Thanks. The dust issue has been fixed. Previous owners issue. Boiler sits in the laundry room. I'll swap out the screen and gasket with the proper oring and clean it off more. The rest will be on the service tech.
  • Swilson08Swilson08 Posts: 34Member
    Thanks for all the info. Even though I would not have a problem completely taken one apart I'd rather not unless I had to. I'll make sure it's still getting clean air. Pretty sure that's just residual from the last issue. It's due for annual service next week. New service company for me so we shall see how this goes.
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