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Header to counterflow mains

SeanBeansSeanBeans Posts: 475Member
Hey so I know you come into the top of the counter flow main, and most books have it drawn out so that the steam enters the bull of the Tee..

Making it a bull head tee?

Can I come into the top run from my boiler and drain out of the other run?

Pics attached of both ways

I don’t see why I couldn’t.. or would the condensate drop too far down to the water line?


  • SteamheadSteamhead Posts: 13,564Member
    The first pic is the best way. I've seen the second pic work, but I think it could hold the condensate up in the main if the velocity is too high in that tee.
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  • SeanBeansSeanBeans Posts: 475Member

    I see your point, but if the velocity is high coming into the T, wouldn’t that bullhead T cause an issue?
  • SeanBeansSeanBeans Posts: 475Member
    dripping condensate into bull and the having steam hit that same spot?

    Or drop condensate down all the way to water line and steam takes turn to access steam mains
  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Posts: 6,500Member
    first pic is the way to go
  • SeanBeansSeanBeans Posts: 475Member
    So my next question would be.. I have two counter flow mains and plan on using both tappings.. the books only show a diagram for using one riser into the top of one single main..

    I don’t want to pipe one riser to one main and the other riser to the other main.. so I’m thinking about maybe doing a drop header with two take offs?

    I will have a Hartford loop because I have a wet return from one radiator in the sunroom..

    Also. Could I Tee both mains together into a header of sorts with one drip and feed steam into the “main header”
  • gerry gillgerry gill Posts: 2,962Member
    The whole bull head tee thing really had more to do with gravity hot water systems than steam. The first picture is the better way..a wye fitting is the best way..hard to find these days

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