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Viessmann or Uponor Wireless? Looking for opinions.

NewNew Posts: 1Member
I'm looking for opinions regarding pros and cons of using a Viessmann or Uponor wireless control system with a Viessmann 222F B2BT 35 boiler and LLH to be installed in a total remodel of a 2400 sf house.

System layout was designed by Uponor, and uses radiant heat for main floor and radiator panels for basement.
Radiant heat load 10,226 btu/hr, radiator heat load 8,999 btu/hr.

Main floor has 13 circuits with 2 zones and a total flow rate of 1.80 gpm at 148 degrees with calculated temp drop of 15 degrees.

Planning to use wireless Uponor X-165 Base Unit with T-167 thermostats vs. going with Viessmann wireless which looks more complex.

Owner wants wireless thermostats and Grundfos variable flow pumps.

Planning two Uponor Stainless 1" manifolds for radiant heat and one SS manifold for radiator circuits and Uponor two wire actuators.

Anyone have opinions or comments on using the wireless Uponor system vs. Viessmann wireless with the Viessmann boiler?

Thanks in advance


  • GWGW Posts: 3,428Member
    Haven’t tried either. When you say wireless, you talking batteries?

    I only do wireless when running wire is too much of a pain or impossible
    Gary Wilson
    Wilson Services, Inc
    Northampton, MA
    [email protected]
  • Paul PolletsPaul Pollets Posts: 3,194Member
    Since you have 2 temps, one of the circuits will be radiators (high temp) and the radiant circuit will be controlled by a 3 way mixing valve. Each circuit could use the Viessmann Vitotrol (w sensor) to control the temperature. The radiators should have TRV's installed for individual radiator control. Zoning the radiant floor loops with additional telestats is often unnecessary when the system is well designed and balanced. The telestats stop the flow to the loop when activated and since the Viessmann controls work by constantly modulating flow and temperature, the telestats become superfluous. They do come in handy when the system has not been well designed or balanced.
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