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Gas boiler problem ideal w2000 rs30 not firing up

Hello guys,

Got an ideal w2000 rs30 gas system boiler.

When I call for hot water or heating the boiler isn’t firing up. The pilot light is lit also.

I fixed this the other day by turning the gas stop cock off and on and boom it fired up the boiler!!

What is likely to be wrong and needs testing ?


  • dopey27177
    dopey27177 Member Posts: 887
    Sometimes water or rust gets into the gas piping. what you need to do is to find the drip T and clean out the pipe by removing the plug or the nipple and cap at the bottom of the T. If you find scale in the pipe you will need to remove the scale.

    This is not to be done by a home owner. You need to find a Plumbing contractor that can do this job.

    To clean the gas piping piping properly disconnect the gas piping at the boiler and use pressurized nitrogen to blow out the debris from the piping. The nitrogen blow needs to be done from where the gas shut off valve is located, blowing all debris towards the disconnected pipe. Make sure you don't blow the debris into the gas valve or burner. You need only to do this with the piping at the lowest level at the gas feed to the boiler.

    If there is a short run replace the horizontal pipe with new pipe. Black pipe is cheap.

    Again hire a plumbing or heating contractor licensed to work on fuel gases.

    Jacob Myron
  • gennady
    gennady Member Posts: 839
    Don’t call plumber. Call heating/ boiler contractor. The problem might be with gas valve, or ignition, or something else. Can’t be diagnosed remotely. Don’t do it yourself.