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monoflo and reinstating the loop

onyx Member Posts: 6
I have posted here in April asking if anyone knew what my diverter valves were. Thanks for the answers! Its not to start putting this system together and getting everything working again. I have someone who moved to forced air and i am able to use everything from his system including the boiler (from 1981). The rads are very ornate and have a few shapes and sizes. The system he has is the 2 pipe system (once supply and the other return) and i have the monoflo system from 1897. This house is special house and would love to put back the radiator heat that was removed in the 80s. Here are the issues i have:

1. The boiler is from 1981 and ng. we are on lp. (parts issues, its a weil mclane but older and less efficient)
2. we have a diverter valve from the old gravity fed loop. i have 11 of them (possibly 12) and the loop has a right and left side that joins at one point back to the boiler. (in the picts)
3. 2 of the rads have been cut in half (sigh) so ill have to put them back together.
4. they have 12 rads i have 11 spots on the loop.
5. typical hot heat diverter systems use 2 loops or space the cones at least a foot from any given junction. My in the loop i have do not do this, they are both connected right next to each other. i fear this will impact the efficiency of the system and not create enough flow into the rads. I have no idea how the house felt with the rads installed seeing they were puled in the 80's when the house was foreclosed on in the middle of feb and not winterized and froze the system. I am unsure if there was damage to the loop i have now or if the rads that leaked took the main brunt of the freezing. There ill be some repairs from previous owners hammering/ hacking/sawing the pipes going to the rads in the original configuration.
6. i am aware of other system like in floor heating and mini duct systems and not really interested in them. old houses need radiators (1888 and will be trying to restore the house and get the house on the national historic register).

The diverters i have now:


  • onyx
    onyx Member Posts: 6

    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,865
    Plan to pressure test the block after the move, but before any piping is done. And upgrade the safeties to current.