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Ground source W2W system, looking for suggestions

Hey all, I am going to be building a new 7200 sq ft shop in the near future and am looking to involve a ground source system to heat the place via radiant slab, and cooling is up in the air. I'm leaning toward an air handler in the basement and just a single central supply duct with open plenum. Heat loss comes in at 113,000, so possibly a pair of cascaded 5 ton 2 stage W2W heat pumps if my thoughts are correct- separate closed horizontal loop fields for each unit. I have piped quite a few heat pumps in commercial settings, but have had no part in design or a residential system in general so please bear with me if I'm in left field. I will have an LP boiler for backup, snowmelt, and to take advantage of dual fuel electric rates and will make provisions for wood boiler integration and thermal storage as well. I am looking for recommendations on equipment and am all ears if my cascaded 5 ton units and air handler for cooling idea is silly. Given the open nature of the shop, I've all but ruled out fan coils and unit ventilators and would prefer to keep all equipment in the partial basement (20x20 in one corner with office above, mezzanine above that) if possible to avoid damage. This system would need to be easily expandable, I plan on burying 2 additional loop fields for later in life when the house is built and have them stubbed into said basement to be utilized when ready. Piping to the house would be via precast walking tunnel as you often see in commercial buildings, ideally having no equipment in the future house besides air handler. Any information would be greatly appreciated; thanks!


  • hot_rodhot_rod Member Posts: 13,294
    I think you are wise to consider the ground loop (some consider it an extension solar energy:) as your heat and cooling source. Leverage it with low temperature radiant heat, maybe some of the cooling load with radiant also some AHs for dehumidification.

    I think any of the big name brands would be a safe choice. The Bosch/ Florida Heat Pump seems to get rave reviews. A local ground source contractor I know swears by Lennox. I have a Bard system with loops in the pond.

    Components are similar, just different color sheetmetal enclosures.
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • GroundUpGroundUp Member Posts: 968
    Thanks Bob, being shop space I surely don't need it to be cooled to 65 or get below 65% RH or anything nuts besides the office, so I was thinking a single AH with a short, single S&R duct just opened into the shop and possibly an additional fan coil for the office part. It'll just be me and my toys in there so nothing too fancy necessary. Hadn't really considered integrating the slab as a means of cooling, thanks for bringing that up. I have installed a number of dual temp radiant ceiling systems but never had a hand in the controls side. I'd imagine floor surface temperature needs to remain below dewpoint to avoid sweating, how does one accomplish such a thing? Anyone have a good site or perhaps a link so I can do my own searching on the subject? I'll do some digging on the Bosch and Lennox; I've done a bunch of research and it seems the only units talked about online with somewhat available pricing are off-brand and probably not something a guy wants
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