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Piping Heat into the Pool

HeatingHelp Administrator Posts: 650
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Piping Heat into the Pool

Why not show you customers how they can stop paying two and three times to move energy, and share the loads in their homes and businesses; show them how you can help them to enjoy the savings of thermal load sharing with a geothermal HVAC system.

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  • Metz
    Metz Member Posts: 1
    Been looking for info on this for my new house. Seems like a waste to send all that heat into the air from the house. And cool the air from the pool.
  • scott w.
    scott w. Member Posts: 209
    Good information to think about.....wasn't aware of the options for pool heating.
  • bio_guy
    bio_guy Member Posts: 89
    I am no where near the middle of this, but today discussion of heating pool water reminds me of how efficient dairy farms seem to have become cooling large quantities of milk while making lots of very hot water needed to sanitize milking equipment and other cleaning operations. They might use some of the heat for building heating but with all the livestock involved, those buildings tend to be "self-heating".

    My understanding of ground-source heat pumps vs. air to air is that the latter have become efficient enough to challenge the lifetime costs of the former. It also means that their utility has been pushed to ever cooler climates. I think that VT, NH and ME are not off-limits for air to air heat pumps anymore.

    Solar water heating for non-potable water is dirt cheap to install unless you have to do it in very cold weather with evacuated tubes. One advantage to having a bunch of cheap black plastic panels to circulate pool water through is that they can be used to blow off heat at night, mostly via radiation, if your pool is a Southerly one.