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Navien Gas water

murphcc1murphcc1 Member Posts: 1
Hey, I live a townhouse that has a Navien on demand hot water heater, I dont knot the model as only the Maintenance guy can get in, Its run my natural gas.
Here's the issues........even when there is NO demand for hot water I can hear the unit run for about 15-25 seconds, this can happen as often as every 30 minutes. The Maintenance guy says this is normal, I dont trust him.
Can anybody explain this?



  • rick in Alaskarick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,073
    I believe the Navien has a built in recirculation pump so it is more like an "instant on". I have one customer who has one, and I believe what happens is that it runs and heats the water inside of itself, so when you do use the water, there is less time lag to get it hot at the fixture. I am not sure, but I think it might be an option on that unit to run it that way, so you might be able to turn it off if you want to. That would save wear and tear on the heater, and lessen the fuel bill, but it would take longer to get the hot water to the fixtures. Typically 8-10 seconds longer.
    delta T
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