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Oil pump for Beckett nx leak

bink Member Posts: 97
The tech yesterday came for yearly service said the oil pump was leaking so it was replaced. See photo. I just checked today and there still was some oil on the bottom of the pump ,not a lot just enough to see it on your fingers. I wiped clean so will keep checking. Is this a common problem with pump failure 4 years from new system. Also any thoughts about what else could be causing leak. I checked around the ports and do not see leaks. Thank you for help.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    edited April 2019
    It probably wasn't the pump. Pumps rarely fail under normal and proper set up and use, and especially in 4 years. If it did fail, the reason for failure should've been discovered
    Leak could be as simple as the bleed valve not properly closed, or a pump cover/gasket issue. Or one of the plugs in the bottom of the pump wasn't properly installed at the factory. There was a bulletin about it around 5 years ago.
    Another issue with the NX, is if a person didn't fully tighten the spline nut, then fully tightened the nozzle line, it could've damaged the oil line flare/fitting and caused a leak.
    The drip at the bottom could also be from after the install, the tech didn't bleed it properly with an tube submerged into a can and some oil was pulled under the pump.
    Hopefully they set the pump pressure with a gauge on the new one.
    Got any pictures of the pump/leak?

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  • bink
    bink Member Posts: 97
    Picture of new pump

  • bink
    bink Member Posts: 97
    Thanks Steveusapa
    I am not familiar with the pump so thanks for the information. I did not get to see the failure and just was taking his advice. He said the seal in the pump goes bad which I question.?

    He did set the pressure with a gauge which according to the label is 165 psi. I wiped it down this morning and do not see any new oil but it maybe a slow leak.
    Will keep checking and update with what I find.
    I keep learning thanks for the response.

    Picture of gage test.

    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,609

    Seals can leak although it doesn't happen often. The oil was probably "Left over" from the tech changing the pump from disconnecting the oil lines. Maybe he forgot to wipe the pump down. Just keep an eye on it for a while