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extreme expansion pipe noise in a 3 zone (2 finned, 1 burnham CI ) monoflow T system.

brokbrok Posts: 1Member
Thinking I can solve the issue by keeping lower temperature water running thru the zones and modulating the water temperature rather than current on/off circulation pump. This is in the 1993 addition, all copper piping, as opposed to the caste iron piping in the other zones. The recessed finned radiator(1938 style) zones would need 180 degrees and do not suffer as severely from expansion noise. The boiler is Weil McLean 260,000 btu 78% efficient (prob way too large for 3800 sq ft home in Chicago area) vintage 1980 approx. running well, but lots of sediment noise. Need to fix the issue for house sale. I've lived with it for ever, but worry it will be a stumbling block for most new owners. Looking for insights prior to discussing with contractors.


  • hot_rodhot_rod Posts: 12,566Member
    What type of noise? Banging and hammer? Has it always made the noise? gotten worse over the years?

    When old boilers fill with scale and sediment they make all sorts of weird sounds, pop, peculation, thumping, etc. Might be good to put a hydronic descaled in it run it hot for a day and flush.

    It might be a good inexpensive first try. Boiler efficiency goes up when they are descaled and cleaned back to near bare metal :)

    Rhomar Water has some oil the best cleaners i have used, Able Distributors in the Chicago area should have the cleaners on the shelf.
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Posts: 6,533Member
    What is your longest run of pipe? What is your longest run of baseboard?

    I assume your asking about the copper baseboard zone

    Check the hole size compared to the pipe size coming up to the baseboard. You might be able to cut up a plastic bottle (like a bleach bottle) and fit pieces around the pipe, if they are tight that could be the issue. You need to find out where the noise is coming from
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