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New Oil Boiler/Indirect Hot Water Heater questions

RetireSoon90 Member Posts: 2
I just got a new Trio Oil Boiler by PurePro with a Vaughn Indirect Hot Water Heater installed. We have baseboard heating. The boiler is set to 160 and I believe he said the water is set at 125. We live in the Northeast.

1. Does turning the house thermostat down at night save on burning oil/money? The installer said no. I would like to turn it down to 58 at night and 66 during the day.
2. Any other way to save money/burn less oil? Is 160 the correct temp for the burner and 125 for the water?
3. Thoughts on this system.
4. To me the water tastes and feels different, is that possible? They said the water heater has a cement liner. Previously I had a standard hot water heater.



  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    edited March 2019
    The lower you can keep the supply temp to the baseboard, the less fuel you use. With lower temps the boiler may struggle a bit to recover, I recommend to customers when below 25 (outside) not to drop the temp in the house. 125 is the standard temp set for domestic hot water. The taste/feel of the water may just be the newness of the tank. Trio is an excellent boiler that will save you money and paired with the Vaughn will make plenty of hot water..
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 4,868
    1. Not really. 2 to 3 degrees setback max so the boiler doesn't have to struggle to reach the thermostat setpoint. Especially in colder weather.

    2. Which aquastat came with the boiler? Did the contractor offer outdoor reset? That's a real fuel saver.

    3. The Trio is not very popular by me but Webb now has a local distributor so that will change I'm sure. From what I've read here, the Trio is an excellent 3 pass boiler.

    4. Was the domestic hot and cold sufficiently flushed out after turning the water main back on. Start with a bathtub(s). No screen. There will be air and dirt spitting out. Run it till it's clear, then run the other faucets. Do a dry run of the clothes and dishwasher.
  • RetireSoon90
    RetireSoon90 Member Posts: 2
    I am not sure what a aquastat is... The brochure lists a Fuel Smart Hydrostat 3250 control Is that the Aquastat?
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 4,868
    edited March 2019
    Yes, the Hydrostat 3250 Plus is your aquastat.
    It offers Boiler Reset using thermal targeting to self adjust boiler temperature according to the needs of the heat load.
    It can also accept Outdoor Reset. It would use either, or.
    The contractor should have wired the Hydrostat so a call for domestic hot water overrides the BR or ODR so the indirect gets max BTU's to recover.
    Theres also an economy dial. The number corresponds to the number of zones. It can be set, then adjusted if needed.
    I suggest you call the contractor and ask to have someone come by and explain to you how the system is set up, like they should have before they left your home.
    The Economy funtion cannot be used if the indirect is not recognized by the Hydrostat.
    And all manuals and the combustion test report should have been left on site. Flip through the Hydrostat manual.
  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 930
    The Trio is not very popular by me but Webb now has a local distributor so that will change I'm sure. From what I've read here, the Trio is an excellent 3 pass boiler.
    Where are you located at?
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,146
    Your settings sound ok. As far as night set back it's trial an error.

    @Ichmb gave you good advise. Warmer weather you can set back farther maybe 5-6 degrees. When it's cold out I wouldn't set back too much. You will pay for it.

    Realize your not just heating air. When you set back your furniture, carpeting, walls ceilings etc all store heat and cool off during set back. You have to warm them up when you raise the temp