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Weill-McClain Ultra VS. Crown Power Vent

matthews1279 Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

New to the forums and looking for help. Need to replace the Mestek condensing boiler that came with our house and we are between the Weill-McClain Ultra and a Crown Power Vent. I know they are very different but I’m far from an expert. We have gas heating via hot water radiators. Much of the house has the old cast iron radiators that have been converted to hot water, with some baseboards in a more recent extension. Price aside, the benefits I’m getting from the Crown is simplicity, not as many moving parts, easier to fix, .....that kind of thing. WM is quieter, a bit more efficient (but not terribly so)......

Would appreciate any opinions either way!


  • SuperTech
    SuperTech Member Posts: 1,792
    The Crown boiler is a good unit and pretty simple and easy to service. Very reliable. I would absolutely use outdoor reset with that setup. I hope the baseboard they installed is cast iron as well.
    The Ultra is a decent boiler but has more proprietary electronic components and more sensitive to lack of service and installation errors.
  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    I have a Weil-McLain Ultra-3 boiler and it works just fine. A couple of circulators got noisy, so I had them replaced. I cannot compare it with other boilers. I do get it serviced every year.

    The original installer goofed, so the electronics board got flooded with water. The new service contractor and I determined that there was water all over the control board, so we dried it up, and it worked. But we could not leave it that way. We got the W-M field service rep to come out and look. We found the problem, but the field service rep gave us a free new electronics board because he did not want us running with one that had been under water. I call that SERVICE!
  • flat_twin
    flat_twin Member Posts: 318
    Since you're willing to look at Weil Mclain, you might consider the WM Eco boiler. It's a stainless steel firetube design. We're on our 3rd heating season with the Eco and no problems. We have cast iron radiators and can run fairly low boiler water temps, just what modcons like. The Eco can be piped direct or primary/secondary. Ours is piped direct on an old single zone system. As far as moving parts, you've got the circulator pump and the blower on the gas valve.

    What happened to the Mestek?