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347 Member Posts: 143
Hello All,
I'm doing a job and have a problem with a room heating. There are three radiators in the room (one is dead, two look like the elements are in a homemade cabinet, see pictures). I posted the one radiator a few months ago because it had fittings I was not familiar with and you guys told me that they were part of an old steam convector.
We decided to make this room a separate zone from the rest of the second floor. The room has a heat loss of about 10k. I'm looking to remove the fittings from the hearing elements and reuse them.

I found the elements in Dan's book but they don't seem to match (or I could be missing something). I could use a little help on how many BTU's they could put out.
I attached some pictures of the elements and the boxes there in along with a page from Dan's book.
The smaller heating element (there's two) are the active ones, the larger is the dead one which I can repipe.
It's seems to be a two pipe system, tees under the 1st element for the supply and return then continue to the 2nd element. Both convectors are across from one another (about 3').
Thanks in advance.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    How big is this room with a 10k heatloss?

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  • Alan Welch
    Alan Welch Member Posts: 270
    If this is steam, how are you making it a separate zone?
  • 347
    347 Member Posts: 143
    Steve, the room is about 15'x17' with windows, three exposures, no insulation if any in the walls and ceiling. I used the Slant / Fin program it came up with just under 10k.
    Alan, it's not a steam system. I belive that was a two pipe converted to hot water many years ago.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 17,010
    I remember the earlier thread. That's exactly what it is. If it were up to me I'd change it back to Vapor.
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  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,115
    It’s that a bromewell water seal type trap ,it looks to be brass I have never really seen then in any thing but chrome or I guess nickel .Mostly on radiators I can’t recall see one on a convector but I would image there no difference .i guess even back then they saved a buck and used a cheaper non chromed valve still as good as plated pretty cool .Aside from scraping I wonder if anybody still manafactures but then I image ur gonna need a graduated valve on the supply or a orifece plate and of course a vaporstat and low pressure gauge . I would listen to Steamhead and convert back to vapor steam . If ur hiring some one make sure they do it in steel pipe and know what there doing .peace and good luck clammy
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  • 347
    347 Member Posts: 143
    The steam boiler was abandoned years ago and converted to hot water. So no going back.
    Clammy, I think they are a nickle finish.

    I removed one element in the lower even of the house and removed the trap fitting and valve. I screwed in a couple of adapters and will connect t to the existing monflo system.

    The room I dealing with is going on its own zone. I'm trying to figure out ow many BTU's the existing elements put out.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,844
    If you did find a rating it would be a steam rating. A hot water rating for the same size radiation would be less.

    Given that the radiation was likely oversized to begin with hook it up and let it rip.

    What did you do in the rest of the house? How is that working?
  • 347
    347 Member Posts: 143
    Ed, I did fine the element ratings for the disconnected element but not the one that are connected. They are about 9.5" deep and the ones I found are for 5.5/8". That's what I trying to find out what they put out. I believe I can convert the steam ratings to hot water.
    As for the rest of the house, all the rest of the radiators were converted to hot water and connected to monflo systems. It is a real piping mess. They installed two boilers that never shut-off when it's cold. I'll try and post pictures of the boiler later and you will see why.
    It's a very old house that has been added to many times and it shows in the heating system.