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I messed up....

torttion Member Posts: 3
Hi, I’m replacing some old floor joist in my house and wanted to remove an old basement heating unit that was connected to the upstairs zone piping. So I cut the pipes around the unit removed it and then reconnected everything. I reused the old flochek and added an air scoop. So, now there’s about a 1’ rise in the pipe coming out of the boiler then a 90 degree elbow, the after about 5 inches of pipe I have the flowchek (installed with arrow pointing away from the boiler) then another few inches of pipe and then the air scoop with an air vent. Then then pipe continue to my second floor. I’m no longer getting heat to this upstairs zone in my house. The pressure is good (around 12 psi) and the circulator runs. The pipe below the flocheck is hot but anywhere beyond that doesn’t seem to be getting hot water. Problem with the old flochek? Or is the scoop interfering? Thoughts?


    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,452
    edited February 2019
    Did you purge the zone of air?
    On the 2nd floor return pipe there should be a shut off valve and drain valve.
    Close the "shut off valve ", open the drain with a hose connected into a bucket until the air is gone and its steady water flowing.
    Reverse steps.
    Make your the pressure is stable after the boiler makes its limit temperature.
    And you didn't mess up too bad. No leaks right?
  • torttion
    torttion Member Posts: 3
    Thanks HVACNUT, shortly after posting this I realized I that I probably had a system full of air. I hooked a hose up to the drain valve and purged the system. Everything seems to be running fine now. Thanks for the help.
  • torttion
    torttion Member Posts: 3
    And no, no leads. The joints aren’t pretty but they’re no leadings so that’s good enough for me!