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American Standard Boiler

jep Member Posts: 8
edited February 2019 in Gas Heating
Our American Standard G-2 hot water boiler was installed in 1956 or 57. It has kicked on each fall and seen us through every winter until . . . the great polar vortex of 2019! The motor was replaced 3 times and the pump 1 time in the 60+ years. A new water value, safety value/relief valve & backflow preventer was installed in 1969 and again in September, 2018. That totally eliminated air in the system and the boiler was running smoother than ever.
Either the Honey Gas Valve V808 1184 1 or the Thermac Co Pressure Valve failed or is failing. The gas pressure for the flame is far less than normal. It is keeping the house toasty warm in the post vortex 40 degree weather, . . . but . . .
1. Would anyone replace those parts and hope for another 10-20 years (I can't seem to find any replacement parts on google!) or is the only solution a new boiler?
2. What are the best made boilers these days? Hot water heat in radiators from 1900. (Tag says: input 180000s BTU Ouput 144000 BTUs)
3. I am guessing a new boiler with installation in Chicago $. Is that in the ballpark? I took over the maintenance from my father in c. 1970 so with the savings on maintenance, I can bite the bullet and pay for a HVAC professional . . . I was hoping I could wait until summer . . . but that might not be possible.
Thanks for your good counsel & advice!


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,813
    Sorry we can't talk $$$$ here. Sounds like you need something new but rushing in isn't a good idea either.

    I am sure parts can be located maybe with some substitution that will get you back up and running. Then I would have an accurate heat loss of the home done and plan for a replacement this summer
    Erin Holohan HaskellIntplm.
  • jep
    jep Member Posts: 8
    thanks - - - so you think a HVAC contractor would be able to find replacement parts?
    And . . . any suggestions on brands to look at or to avoid?
    I would so like to avoid lots of electronics - - - the simple nature of this original boiler allowed it to run so long. Too many of my friends and colleagues have had to get new systems after 15 or max 20 years. I'm not convinced that high efficiency boilers/furnaces are cost efficient! I saved tons by turning the thermostat down and replacing windows and insulating. Each project resulted in reduced gas usage
    Sincere thanks for your advice.
    I have to find a HVAC company now! :)
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,263
    edited February 2019
    jep said:

    I have to find a HVAC company now! :)

    Start here:


    Note that this isn't the only company in the area that can handle boilers well, but is the only one on the Find a Contractor page that I know. The rest of you guys need to pony up and get your ad on the page so I can remember who you are :s
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