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Bleed my baseboard

GalwegianGalwegian Member Posts: 3
I have a gurgling sound in my baseboard heat had guy bleed it 2 weeks ago worked fine for 7or 8 days now back to same
Im guessing I've gotten other problems with it


  • neilcneilc Member Posts: 805
    what do you show for pressure on the boiler? the gage behind the circ?
    does the water feeder work? is it valved on?
    why the bucket under the circ?
    do you leak there?
    the circ looks old and crusty, if leaking there, it could be water out, or it could be air in,
    is that circ pumping into, or out of the boiler there?
    post one more distant pic showing from the circ up to the expansion tank
  • GalwegianGalwegian Member Posts: 3
    I bled it. Works good now i need to replace a few things there are valves that should be a little loose that are tight will be calling a plumber this week thanks for your input
  • ch4manch4man Member Posts: 218
    edited February 2019
    the other guy bled it, worked for about a week. now you bled it, whats going to happen in another week?

    oh and whats with the pin lock sitting under the aquastat?, those a specialized animal
  • Intplm.Intplm. Member Posts: 1,135
    This problem as described is going to continue.
    You have air getting into the system. How is the air getting in?

    Not sure.

    The leak, no matter how small needs to be found. If it is not obvious from a puddle of water showing. Then the air is probably getting in by the failed or failing hy-vents.

    Also, the air scoop above your expansion tank isn't working. Change it to a micro-bubble air separator. When you change it, change the expansion tank too. It looks like its' showing its' age.
    After all this is done your air problems will go away. The system will heat better and quieter.
  • GalwegianGalwegian Member Posts: 3
    Thank you
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