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Gurgling Baseboards

Bangz37 Member Posts: 1
3 zone boiler set up. My upstairs baseboards are gurgling. I have no bleeder valves on my baseboards. How do I get the air out? System 2000 boiler. I tried opening the zones and purging the system but I’m getting no water.


    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,476
    edited February 2019
    How did you purge and is it only the upstairs making noise?
    The tridicator is showing 25 psi yet you tried to purge and no water because the ball valve on the cold water feed to the PRV is closed. So it seems like a faulty tridicator but you should check with your own 0-60 gauge.
    You can start by opening the ball valve (at the wall on the left side) and see if you hear water being fed into the boiler.
    But first shut off the switch (better to hear) and manually lock open the zone valves.
    Watch the gauge as you open the valve. If it gets to 30 psi shut the valve off.
    That's a first gen Frontier but I'm guessing the purge station is behind the Energy Manager.
    Close all zone valves except the upstairs. Leave that one locked open.
    Close the ball valve on the return at the boiler. There should be a drain valve behind the ball valve.
    Hook up the hose to that and open the drain.
    Any water?
    Pressure drop back or remains at 25 psi?
    Open the feed valve at the wall and listen.
    Water should feed through the upstairs loop and purge air through the hose.
    If still nothing the loop could be frozen in which case you'd break out the hair dryer and go hunting.
    I cant really make it out in the photo but it looks like theres a 3/4 x 1/8 bushing for the Hy-vent when the Hy-vent should be 3/4". That certainly could be part of the reason why this happened in the first place.