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Water Tank Leak Near Drain

75jrc Member Posts: 2
Recently bought a house. Knew I would eventually need to replace the 1960s water tank (and likely soon) but hoped to get a little more life out of it. Just notice some water near the drain. It isn't coming out of the drain but close to it (please see pictures). Wondering if there is a quickish, relatively inexpensive temporary fix that could perhaps buy me a few more months? Thanks.


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,542
    Looks to me like if you can drain the water heater and get that drain valve off (and maybe a bushing) you can replace the bushing, clean it up, tape and dope it up and be good to go.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 20,827
    judging by the stains on the jacket, you may have a leak in the tank itself?
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
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  • 75jrc
    75jrc Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. I'll look into both.
  • Jim R.
    Jim R. Member Posts: 58
    As a DIYer who fixes everything, there is no way I'd touch that thing. The slightest vibration from twisting off the valve may be enough to cause a leak. Then you have a bigger, immediate expense.

    Put a bucket or pan under it and empty as needed. Get a new tank ASAP. Getting more life out of that is a false economy, they make big messes.

    Just a non-pro opinion...
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,914
    You could investigate a little to get an idea of time left for the tank.
    There is an inspection plate near the pump, that could get you closer to the tank. If the insulation is soaked that will be an indicator.
    IIWM, knowing a new tank is due, I would cut the jacket around the nipple for the drain. You may see the leak is at the hub the nipple is screwed into. Trying to tighten it might twist it off.
    If the threads of the hub are good it might be salvageable.
    You might not get a pro to try that repair.

    In the meantime you could shop for a new tank.

    Your next issue could be the coil inside the boiler.
    If you went with an indirect tank with coil in tank, then that is an option.