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"counterfeit" McQuay unit heaters by Westinghouse

norfitz Member Posts: 54
Surveyed a job that had a gymnasium filled with 50's-60's vintage "McQuay" HH62 unit heaters, and McQuay (Daikin now) says this is not their model #, but that Westinghouse for a time either made unit heaters and independently labeled them McQuay, or just bought McQuays and stamped their own model #'s on them. Does anyone out there have catalog on these faux McQuay unit heaters? I can't assume an HH62 is 62MBH, it looks too big to be so. Thanks for reading the post.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,622
    Don't know, but I can tell you this. I have seen some Westinghouse equipment. If they sold it it's built like a tank and will last a long time.

    If you have one that still works, disconnect the condensate line (after shutting it down of course)

    Run the condensate into a barrel and measure how much condensate you get after turning it on and letting it warm up

    Example: 5 min run time &you get 5 gallons of condensate. 5min goes into 60 min 12 times so

    5 gal x 12=60 gallons of condensate /hour 60 gallons X 8.33lbs/gallon = about 520 pounds /hour

    520 pounds X 1000btu/ pound =520,000btu/hour