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First room from hot water stove is way to hot vs the rest of the house

runorbike Member Posts: 8
Hi all, thanks for the help in advance.
We have a hot water stove, and the first room that get the hot water in the registers along the floor is way hotter than the rest of the house. Is there anyway to reduce this just for that one room, or anything like that? It does have to keep flowing through that room and then to the rest of the house, 2,000 sq feet, approx


  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,428
    It depends on the piping. If the radiators each have their own supply and return, the space will heat more evenly. If the return from a radiator becomes the supply of the next radiator, it likely won't. Proper air separation and pumping away from the expansion tank also helps.
  • runorbike
    runorbike Member Posts: 8
    Hi Paul, thank you so much for the reply, most appreciated my friend. I noticed the expansion tank is not on, the valve is not open that is. We have a hot water stove, not sure who turn the valve, off, etc. Do we have to have this open/on? And we do not have separate return/supply lines. Its just a hot water stove, fed by wood, goes to two different zones, flows all through each zone and then returns to the stove to get hot again. Its great heat, hot heat, but that one room just gets 5 degrees at least warmer. Just would love to figure out a way to get it to be the same or close to the rest of the house. THANKS
  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,428
    a hot water wood stove is piped the same way as a boiler, with some safety controls that prevent overheating of the zones. The expansion tank should always be "on" and charged to 12psi. There should be a "dump" zone wired with an aquastat to shunt water to the existing boiler in case of overheating, and of course a relief valve. Schematics of the recommended piping are available online
  • runorbike
    runorbike Member Posts: 8
    Thank you Paul, very much
    I will look and see if I can pump up that to 12PSI and turn that sucker on. Do you think the flow control valves would work with this method vs not working with the expansion tank OFF?
    Would that make a difference?
  • vibert_c
    vibert_c Member Posts: 68
    @runorbike You didn't state what kind of emitters you are sending the hot water to. If finned copper baseboard type, try wrapping tin foil around half the fins on the first emitter. That should cool down the overheated room.
  • runorbike
    runorbike Member Posts: 8
    Hey there,
    Thanks for the help
    Yes white radiators with fins, you can drop down a metal flap that covers the exit area to cool it down, but does not cool enough.
    So tin foil only on the first half, what about cover all the fins?