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No Flow. Oil Burner

Adamc913 Member Posts: 1
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m trying to get my Girlfriends furnace back up online. She has a pellet stove that she’s been using but wants to use the furnace since it’s starting to get really cold here in Rhode Island.

So I pulled the oil gun last week and cleaned it out and got a lot of crud out of it. It fired up and ran great for about 1 minute or so. Then stopped. Tried to bleed it again and absolutely nothing. So I stopped for the night as it was getting late and the pellet stove was fine.

Tonight I’m back at it. Tried to bleed a bunch of times and nothing. Mind you the oil tank is full. 250 gallons. Had it topped off today to make sure. So I pulled the oil supply line off of the oil pump and open the bleeder and it’s pulling great. No I don’t have vacuum or pressure gauges. I’m normally a plumber pipefitter.

So I decided maybe the line is clogged. Broke out the handy pancake compressor to clear the line and not much of anything attempted to bleed for about 10 minutes and nothing. I’d say the run of tubing is about 50 feet. So I went to the oil tank which is outside and completely removed the supply line from the valve ave absolutely no flow at all. Tried to blow it out again with the compressor right at the tank and nothing again. Attached are some pictures of what I’m working with. Any help is appreciated.


  • ImYoungxD
    ImYoungxD Member Posts: 130
    I can suggest that you change the oil filter.
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,132
    If you really want to help out your girlfriend, get a pro in there. And tell them everything you did. You didn't change the nozzle, and you didn't (can't) do a combustion test as required.
    Let them go over the burner and the furnace and do their troubleshooting. You stick to broken pipes

    10 minutes of trying to bleed a dry pump is usually disaster for the pump. You need vacuum and pressure gauges.

    Are you sure you didn't pump 10 minutes of oil into the chamber and it didn't fire?

    Sorry but this is another example of touching something you know nothing about.
  • Jellis
    Jellis Member Posts: 228
    if you have a filter canister at your oil tank you likely have a plugged filter, you need to remove the filter and install a new one.
    you could have some frozen or gelling oil as well that could be causing the issue.
    I agree with Steve though, you very likely already ruined the fuel pump and much more damage can be done in this situation. Call a pro and this should be an easy fix.