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How to purge heating zones when return valves look reversed?

krelian121krelian121 Posts: 3Member
edited February 1 in Gas Heating
Hi gang, first time looking to purge zones since one of the zones aren't heating up. The issue is that the ball valves from videos I've seen are located after the purge valves. In my case, the ball valves are above the purge spouts. If I closed the ball valve...wouldn't nothing come out the purge



  • lchmblchmb Posts: 2,945Member
    edited January 15
    close the shutoff on the circ. close all zones except one.. purge til no air then move on...if nothing comes through it could be frozen..
  • JellisJellis Posts: 147Member
    The Ball valves above the drains are used to isolate the heating loops while you are purging, you need to purge each zone separately.
    you also likely have zone valves on the supply side you will need to manually open as you are purging.

    Imagine your a marble being pushed through the pipe, chasing all of the air out :)

  • krelian121krelian121 Posts: 3Member
    Thanks @Ichmb and @Jellis for responding. That makes sense now. Closing all valves except the one I want to purge and closing the Circulator.

    @Jellis Should I close both valves on the circulator pump?
  • JellisJellis Posts: 147Member
    close both or just 1, does not matter for purging.
  • krelian121krelian121 Posts: 3Member
    @jellis thanks! much appreciated.
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