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Internal Circ pump Burnham Revolution RV5SL-L2

mrbostnmrbostn Member Posts: 4
I have a serious leak coming form my internal circ pump on my furnace. Unfortunately for me the install kiddie cornered it. I have 4 inches on the left 3 on the back.

Anyway I'd rather not get a whole new boiler for a crappy internal circ pump failure.

The water is leaking from where the wiring is on the left side. I want to replace either the cartridge (if possible) or the entire pump.

The current pump is black so it an OEM. I also read that it's an oem Taco 007 but I want to find the model The Burnham manual states a Position 4 pump? Is that speed?

Any tips are greatly appreciated. BTW I've contacted 5 plumbers in the area on 1 answere. They cam and wanted only to replace the furnace.


  • mrbostnmrbostn Member Posts: 4
    Here's the exact wording from the manual Circulator, Taco 007F, Position 4

    Can someone point me to that type of circ so I can buy one. Thank you
  • hot_rodhot_rod Member Posts: 13,683
    I believe it has a tekmar variable speed control on it A fixed speed 007 should work
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
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  • mrbostnmrbostn Member Posts: 4
    hot rod_7 said:

    I believe it has a tekmar variable speed control on it A fixed speed 007 should work

    Thank you for the reply I'm not a plumber but I don't see anything like a tekmar control unit on anything.
    I have the Honeywell VS3000 if that means anything.

    Also I don't know how to size it I have Taco 007-f5's for each zone. but the size of those are smaller than the internal circ pump.
  • mrbostnmrbostn Member Posts: 4
    Also there are no additional "switches" or controls on the internal circ pump, Just the pump and the power wires.
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