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5 HTP MC Contender Heat exchanger failures in 2018- How many for 2019?

ScottDScottD Member Posts: 4
edited January 9 in THE MAIN WALL
We have installed dozens if not hundreds of HTP MC Contender boilers over the last decade or so in our service area ( I have 2 MC50 in my house). In 2018, many of our customers mysteriously had cracked or leaking heat exchangers in their Contender units.. Sometimes the leak/crack was on the connection to the two copper supply and return tubes. Other times they were on or near where a sensor mounts. Since we have so many of these units out in the field, I was wondering if we we should brace ourselves for a continuous wave of these units failing and if any other companies are experiencing similar failures with these units. I thought for sure these units would last 20 years or more, especially in our mild climate.


  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 3,324
    Wow... What a timely post! Yes I had 2 this past year.
    I was starting to wonder...
    I don't trust the O-rings.
    IMO a really cheap design w/ the plastic over the HX.
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