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Quick question - Proper placement of Webster OSV valve for Roth Tank Install

SidSid Posts: 4Member
Swapping out the old oil tank for a Roth with over head, single pipe feed. Am I correct that a Webster OSV is required, and should be placed after regular on/off valve coming off the top of the Roth? There is already a Firomatic Fusible Safety Valve 1. BEFORE the filter and 2. AFTER (right before Tigerloop that the second shipped with) at the burner. My concern is it sounds like the Roth tank wants as little interruptions within the line as possible/and or, should the Webster also be close to the burner (e.g. after line drops down to meet up with the filter/tigerloop).


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 2,903Member
    edited January 8
    2 basic use cases, and always after a filter.

    The OSV is designed to stop the gravity flow of oil in the event the oil line breaks...
    In an overhead line prevent excess pressure on the pump seals.

    See the pdf.

    So if I understand what you have, you'll need to put the filter at the tank (should be there anyway), then the oil safety valve no more than 3ft above the center of the oil pump, which could be right at the inlet for the tiger loop. Which to me is kind of worthless (but obviously required by code) because you are only 'protecting' a few feet of oil line between the osv and the Tiger Loop.
  • SidSid Posts: 4Member
    Boy that does seem worthless, but thank you! I did find other info here to eventually: which says what you have said, by burner, after filter, and before tigerloop it is. :-/
  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 2,903Member
    Yes we all learn from the Dragon.
  • SidSid Posts: 4Member
    Thanks, STEVEusaPA!
  • SidSid Posts: 4Member
    OOOh, missed that....Firedragon Enterprises, got it. yeah he seems to know it all, AND frankly that business name Rocks!
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