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Help with trapped air in system!

bondzillabondzilla Posts: 5Member
Hey guys new to the forum but have used this site many times in the past in a pinch! Hopefully I’m putting this post in the right area. I have a triangle tube challenger combi system and recently needed to move a pipe on the second floor. In the process I believe I have trapped some air in the second floor loop. It still heats up but I can definitely hear a difference in the water flow as well as the challenger has gone into lockout due to over temp. Just curious if someone could give me a few pointers on best way to bleed/purge the system I’ll attach a few photos of the system! Thanks in advance and again sorry if I posted this in the wrong area!


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 2,713Member
    First do you have enough water in the system?
    It looks like there is a Webstone purge valve before all the zone valves (yellow handle between the boiler and the storage tank).
    Can't tell if it's on the supply on the return. But you should be able to open up the 2nd floor loop (everything turned off) zone valve, close the Webstone, and purge-from the water feed, thru the zone and out the hose bib on that valve.
    If that's not the case, move a little farther back and mark up the pic with arrows for flow.
    Also, pick a different angle as I can't distinguish which pipes go where around the expansion tank.
  • bondzillabondzilla Posts: 5Member
    The water seemed to be correct pressure is right around 15. Okay I’ll snap some pictures when I get back to the house! I appreciate the help!
  • bondzillabondzilla Posts: 5Member
    And yes that is a webstone before the zone valves!
  • bondzillabondzilla Posts: 5Member
    Couple more photos hopefully they help
  • bondzillabondzilla Posts: 5Member
    Hey Steve, you nailed it I believe that did the trick! I got a good amount of air out through that webstone! Thanks again
  • kcoppkcopp Posts: 3,324Member
    I cant make heads or tails from the pix on the purge. It should simply be water out to the supply and back down the return. Ball valve stops water from going up the return side.
    As to the boiler that can air lock...hence the reason they give you a bleeder valve next to the pressure relief valve. I presume the reason for the pex on the relief valve discharge is because you over pressurized the system and it blew off?
  • ch4manch4man Posts: 130Member
    all i can add is thats is one big zebco
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