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Help figuring out setback and temp

HinmanHinman Posts: 38Member
edited January 7 in Radiant Heating
*Picture attached* I live in an 8 story condominium 1952 construction (concrete floors) and we are having trouble figuring out how to adjust the thermostat for the main boilers (each apartment has their own thermostat though). There seems to be a cold period between 11pm and 5am which would make sense because the clock in the left side is “off” between 11pm and 5am. I’m assuming this is when the “setback” kicks in? If so, how can I fine tune how drastic that setback is? Currently it’s too cold, no matter if you turn the thermostat in your apartment all the way up it doesn’t get the apartment warm. We have many elderly that prefer it on the warm side. I do like the energy saving feature of a setback, but it’s just too low. I wish we still had the manual to the control panel, but I figure all the options and words on it are the same and you guys can help:) We have 4 boilers. Not sure if it helps, but “low” button is selected as on where it reads “varies night setback to weather”. Not sure if that’s my issue.

When I push the yellow button “setpoint” it reads 118. While I hold the yellow button in, I turned the knob “base setpoint” at the same time and it seems to control the reading. Also, while I’m pressing the yellow button and if I turn the “gain” button it also seems to tweak the reading on the digital display. I put them back where they were though since I don’t want to muck up the controls.

Anyway, advice/instructions would be much appreciated.

One more question, what does the base setpoint control? What does the gain knob control?


  • HinmanHinman Posts: 38Member
    Nobody has ANY suggestions??!!
  • neilcneilc Posts: 661Member
    did you try calling or contacting r&d for a manual ?
  • GordyGordy Posts: 9,264Member
    That’s a little more complex boiler staging, and outdoor reset control. If this has not been tampered with, and this is a new issue with the cold period it could be something else.
  • neilcneilc Posts: 661Member
    outdoor reset , , ,
    "BASE setpoint @ 70*F", is set to 94 in the picture, 94 Heating Water.
    "GAIN @ -10*F", is set at 90, in my head I'm adding 90 to the 94, so at -10*F OA, you're resetting to 184 Heating Water.
    The 107 in the display is where you're Heating Water is graphed for the OA temp at that time. The yellow button displays the graphed setpoint, the blue button, the OA temp,
    "Outdoor Override" in my mind I imagine the boilers are kept off at whichever chosen temp(56, 60, 64).
    "Initial Setback" choose small, medium, or large setback.
    I see the clock displaying 3:03 AM, what time did you take the picture ? is that clock set correctly?
    Or is it in programming mode and set to turn OFF Monday at 3:03am.
    What time should your night setback start? Stop?
    what HW temp do you see during the setback period?
    or yellow button setpoint?
    Circs keep running?
    "Stage Differential" might have something to do with setback also as it's there in that section of that panel.
    Or its lag differential calling the next boiler on.
    Now I want the manual.
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