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Any V&E Boiler Info in your dusty bookshelves?

Steamhead Member Posts: 14,318
We recently acquired a customer with one of these boilers installed in a Vapor Regulator Co system. The nameplate is missing, so I don't know its capacity or firing rate. Someone upgraded it with a Beckett AF which I got running well, with a 325° stack temperature, and it heats all the radiators after a while. The system needs some work- in particular, there is steam getting into the dry returns- so I'm not sure if there are trap issues or if the boiler isn't firing at the proper rate.

The boiler is a steel horizontal water-tube type- essentially a scaled-down power boiler. It's a rather long boiler, with a wall halfway back. The firebox is in front, and the hot flue gases rise and envelop the tubes, then drop through the rear portion and envelop the tubes again. The short firebox means you have to use a hollow nozzle- someone had put a solid one in there and sooted it up. Can't fix stupid............... anyway, it heats up astonishingly fast now that it's clean and tuned.

All I've been able to find out is that V&E went out of business at some point and Thermo-Dynamics bought the leftovers. T-D does not have any of the old documentation.

Thanks in advance!
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