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Leaking convectors and...

bdwild Member Posts: 25
Season's Greetings! I'm a definite newby at this stuff, but fairly handy generally. This is a one pipe steam system...
I have a few leaking Governale convectors. Photo 1 is a little 12" by 5 1/2" deep unit. This one has popped a leak in the center tube on the far left - steam hisses out there pretty good.
Trouble is I can find nothing with those dimensions, and the cabinet restricts anything bigger. Can anyone suggest a replacement? Are these things repaired? Also, this is one cold 1/2 bath on 1st floor. More heat would be great in this room!

Photo 2 is a bigger unit in a bedroom upstairs. This has begun leaking at the union (red arrow area). Should I attempt giving this a turn tightening or does it really need disassembling and re-sealing?

Lastly, I could use a good steam man to come look this system over. Do the pros listed on this site's "find" feature generally have your seal of approval?
Thanks in advance!


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,515
    You can try to snug up that union nut and see if that fixes that problem. Use 2 wrenches, one on the large union nut and one on the smaller one below it to keep that one from turning.

    I think someone here, a few weeks ago suggested taking a leaking convector out and taking it to an automotive radiator repair shop for repair. You may want to check that out locally.
  • bdwild
    bdwild Member Posts: 25
    Thanks Fred. I'll try the tightening then. The repair approach might have to wait till warmer weather here in NY!
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