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Barnes and Jones Bigmouth vent

jhrost Member Posts: 57
I recently purchased a B & J vent to supplement the Gorton #2 air eliminators I have on my steam mains. When I initially first put it in and observed it's performance , it seemed to heat up in less time than the Gorton # 2 that it replaced, and let out a very brief puff of steam after it heated up. Observing it carefully at later dates I noticed that it seemed to be emitting a small but steady amount of steam which I really needed a bright flashlight to observe, this was towards the middle late part of the heating cycle (quite a while after it had initially gotten hot). I assume it is just supposed to eliminate air and not any steam, so I am wondering if there is some adjustment I could make to stop any steam from escaping. It seems to come from the internally threaded nut on the top opposite the Barnes and Jones insignia. I"m not sure how much water loss this might entail over time. The only thing I could find about them on the internet was a video of someone using an o-ring to stop what they described as dripping. Any guidance is appreciated .


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,542
    If it leaks steam, call Barnes and Jones or return it to Amazon (if that's where you bought it). It shouldn't do that. Ask for a replacement.
  • Sailah
    Sailah Member Posts: 826
    Shouldn't leak steam. Agree on asking Amazon to swap it out. Since I used to test these A LOT B) one thing that would look like steam is a drop of water on the threads. This will flash into steam and look like it's leaking but it's just the water evaporating. It sounds like yours is doing more than that as that water would evaporate pretty quickly.

    Yours already has the oring and something isn't sealing up perfectly.
    Peter Owens
  • jhrost
    jhrost Member Posts: 57
    Thanks for the replies.