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Water in blower motor

I just replaced the blower motor assembly on my Weil Mclain Ultra 80 for the second time in 9 years. The first one was from the previous owners and I can't comment on why it went out. But this time I replaced it and when I removed the blower I got about a tablespoon of water to fall out of it. It seems to spin just fine but I installed the new one. The original error was E-28 'No signal from blower motor I was able to reset it and get it going again but it took a while. I disconnected the harness then reset and got 120v power. That's why I assumed it was the blower motor. It was running when I replaced it but it had shut down with the E-28 code 3 times over a few days. I figured I needed to replace it. I'm assuming the water in the motor was my problem. I live in an extremely dry climate. The boiler looks like it had a bad leak in it at one time. The vent air and exhaust air go out of the house at the same spot about 6 feet directly above the unit. Any ideas on what I an do to prevent this from happening again?


  • GBart
    GBart Member Posts: 746
    Sounds like you have a condensate leak of some sort or something weird is happening like you have an odd pin hole leak that is at times spraying at the motor, you could also have drainage or pitch problems in the exhaust, the boiler may never have been properly maintained, the inducer motors are pretty high up on these and at the intake, could rain water get in the intake? You're going to have to dig. Weird problems is HVAC's middle name.