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Buying C.O.D. oil: Recommended?

David107David107 Posts: 1,383Member
Wondering who has experience in buying COD heating oil. If you already have a good heating contractor who can do tuneups and repairs and don't want to deal with oil company service, is this a good way to go? On LI oil is much cheaper this way--cash on delivery. My concern would be the quality of the oil. Regular oil companies seem to have cleaners added to their oil and many use Biofuel 20 which also keeps things clean. I have friends who just bought a house and intend to switch to gas in a few months so could not really get a good oil co contract anyway--usually an annual one. They would seem to be good candidates for COD.


  • JeffGuyJeffGuy Posts: 72Member
    I always bought COD oil before I switched to gas several years ago. Never had quality problems, and did it for about 20 years.
  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 2,306Member
    It really depends on the company (any company).
    Some companies, can be COD or full service, will pump out a tank (someone converting to gas) and re-use that oil, not good!
    Some companies store their own product, also not good, especially for Bio.
    Some companies blend their own Bio, I wouldn't use it.
    If you're using BioHeat 20, make sure your fuel pump and fuel filter gaskets can handle it.
    Basically you want a company who is loading/auto blending at the refinery every day, which in the winter is everyone except for those who have storage.

    Your service provider can get a clue about fuel quality when he changes your fuel filter and cleans your furnace/boiler. If it looks like you have some issues (water/sludge, etc.), dump a bottle of quality fuel treatment (pick one and stick with it) into the tank when you get your delivery (assuming your home for COD).
    If it's worse, you can have the fuel tested.

    Ask the supplier about where they get fuel, hopefully they're honest, maybe to a fault.
    Some might say, "We have our own storage, so if there is a supply problem, we can deliver to our customers".
    But most just pick up at the refinery, deliver/empty the truck...repeat until spring.
  • Jim HankinsonJim Hankinson Posts: 87Member
    I've been buying COD oil for over 30 years with no problems. I do my own service so I would see when replacing the filter, etc if there was an issue with quality. Buying COD allows me to shop for the best price but the supplier I've been using for several years is almost always the best price around and buying online saves some jingle and I receive e-mail confirmation of the delivery date.
  • David107David107 Posts: 1,383Member
    I did hear privately from someone in the COD field and they said that these days they can’t see any small COD oil dealer buying oil that was pumped out of someone else’s tank and reselling it. That would land them out of business and into jail.

    They couldn't think of a single small COD company who stores their own product with their own terminal. They buy oil daily from local oil terminals just like the big guys do.

    He's only heard of one company blending their own bio fuel and they are not on any website that he frequents. Everyone else purchases either B5 or B20 biofuel or #2 fuel oil (which also contains approx. 2-5% bio)

    Says that pumps and gaskets are a non issue for B20 and under these days like it was a few years ago.

    He did feel a fuel additive is helpful. Some years ago he used HOTS 4 in 1 oil treatment which can be found at Home Depot so the customer won’t have to pay top dollar buying it from service provider.
  • nibsnibs Posts: 93Member
    In most states there is no difference between diesel fuel and heating oil. There are some interesting things being done with diesel by truckers, 0.75% acetone improves mileage and reduces emissions. 1% Methyl Hydrate takes water present into solution with the diesel which gets burned in normal operation of the fuel. Any similar experiments with fuel oil.
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