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Everhot tank with mud for days

Got called out to a steam boiler with 2 hydronic zones that weren’t heating. The hydronic set up is a closed system with its own auto fill and expansion tank and flows through the coil of an everhot tank. The steam boiler water is circulated through the tank with a Taco stainless pump. Well the stainless pump was packed full of mud and burned out the motor. Replaced the motor and after an hour of draining and filling over and over it became apparent the everhot tank is packed full of mud. That tank is the only thing I can’t get to run clear. Dark muddy water every time. BTW the everhot boiler supply and return are using the correct tappings as to not suck mud from the bottom of the boiler. Any suggestions on how to thoroughly clean this tank? Isolation valves and drains on supply and return and flush with garden hose until clear?


  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Posts: 5,627Member
    I suspect this is an Everhot external tankless heater. I guess you could remove it from the boiler to clean it if valves are not installed to flush it. May have to soak it in something
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