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Lochinvar Power-fin relief valve setting

steamfitter Member Posts: 157
I am checking out an installation of 2 lochinvar power-fin condensing boilers in a boiler room on the roof of a 2 story building. They have relief valves set at 50 psi. I'm wondering why they're not 30 psi. Thoughts?


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 8,315
    Commercial boilers? What does the nameplate say?
    Did the relief valves come with the boilers?
  • Gary Jansen_4
    Gary Jansen_4 Member Posts: 77
    50 lb. relief valves are the standard relief valve that comes with all current Power Fin boilers.
  • steamfitter
    steamfitter Member Posts: 157
    So the 50 lb relief valves are standard with Powerfin boilers?
    I'm guessing it allows for that boiler to be used in the basement of a building that requires the PRV to be set at a pressure higher than 12psi (ex: 30 psi) due to the height of the system.
    Question: If you have a 2 story building and the boiler is on the roof, and you only need 12 psi on the PRV and Expansion Tank, is it a waste of money to buy and install 30 psi relief valves?
    If a problem occurs down the road and the pressure climbs to 30 psi, a leaking relief valve would alert maintenance before it gets to 50 psi. Does that even matter?
  • delta T
    delta T Member Posts: 844
    My state boiler inspector (CO) requires an ASME rated expansion tank to be installed on any boiler that has a relief valve rated over 30 psi. Might be worth asking your AHJ to check and see. ASME tanks are not cheap at all.....
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