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old american standard boiler gas shuts of when connected to relay

have an old Ametican Standard hot water boiler. Everything was working fine then one day the gas would no longer come on. The thermocouple was bad so i replaced it but the value would never come on. I did diagnosis and the whole control valve was bad. The original control valve has not been made in 20 years. I replaced it with a Honeywell VS820A1047. This valve uses a thermopile. I installed the value and theopile and it works fine except if i turn on the switch for the circulator pump the gas and pilot shuts off. If i dont connect then wires at all the circulater will run, not all the time

Is it alright to run it without a circulator pump running? It does heat then house fine. I was wonderimg if it would take more gas.

Is there manual that describes the funchion of each component?

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