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happydavehappydave Member Posts: 79
We are doing a electric heat conversion, small home 1400 sqft. this week using a Navien, now propane company customer is contracted with can’t drop a tank until the 23rd of the month. My question is can I run the boiler off of a 20lb tank outside with a regulator from grill or will the pressure be to low?


  • McSteamer22McSteamer22 Member Posts: 19
    Most likely not, are you installing a ncb or nhb. I know especially the ncb combi drinks gas pretty quickly on a hot water demand.
    Either case I would think the tank would freeze or run out.
  • happydavehappydave Member Posts: 79
    Ncb, love them, scheduling did not work for us this time
  • LeonardLeonard Member Posts: 903
    edited November 2018
    One 20# BBQ tank only holds ~ 4 gallons. That's only ~ 400k BTUs total energy content. If your drawing 400k BTU/hr it'll be empty in ~ 1 hour even if you could keep tank warm. She'll likely freeze up fast if you don't seriously warm the tank. Those tanks typically service only ~ 50k BTU/hr grills. Propane cools very similar to Freon.

    Ganging up 6-8 tanks might supply 400k BTU/hr, but not worth cost unless you already owned tanks and fittings.
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