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Moving some pipes, looking for advice

I'll be moving the 3/4" and 1" supply and return in the attached photos soon. I'm going to move them into ceiling and the far wall in the pics. It's about a 10ft run. They connect to a rad upstairs. I'm looking for any advice in regards to where to start, cut the old pipe or helpful hints as to running the new pipe. My biggest concern are the 2 elbow/45s that are right next to each other in the floor, this could prove difficult to loosen and re-pipe. Overall I'm pretty confident, although it's really a job I'd like to have done in the summer...


New pipes in ceiling and into back wall

These are really close together any ideas for getting at all the fittings?


  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 5,715Member
    Easy to remove those fittings. 10lb hammer on one side, wrack the other side with 2-5lb hammer.
    You need a plan before that happens.
    Slope of pipe, swing fittings to establish slope and allow expansion.
    These projects can go south quickly and we read about them all the time here on the wall. (a year after the paint is dry) :s
    I would suggest boots on the ground belonging to a real steam pro. They may want you to do the demo and cap the stubs at the floor so you have heat and they can come and repipe.
  • bigsteamedpbigsteamedp Posts: 20Member
    Thanks for your input. I may still seek out a little help from more experienced pro. All the pipes are in between joists so probably no room to swing hammers here. I’ll probably go with heat and a wrench.
  • AMservicesAMservices Posts: 417Member
    You could use a grinder to cut a slit in the fitting. Then use a chisel to break it.
  • bigsteamedpbigsteamedp Posts: 20Member
    Thanks that’s my plan. Searched a little and found the answers here! Thanks for helping. I’ll put up some pics when completed.
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