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Help with leaking copper tube boiler

ice4meice4me Posts: 21Member
Hi guys,

I have an old Raypak Raytherm 168-T boiler with a copper tube heat exchanger. The seals between the tubes and the headers of the heat exchanger are starting to leak and I'm having trouble locating replacements. Raypak's website shows this boiler as being obsolete since 1975 and I get the feeling they weren't too popular - no one seems to have any info on this particular model number. Google also turned up nothing. I'm hoping someone here may be able to help.

Alternatively, I've come across a few of these stop-leak sealing products for hydronic systems. Anybody have any luck with these? I've never been a fan of band-aid solutions, but I only need this system to last one more winter, if possible.

If it's worth anything, here is a picture of the back-side of the leaky header:


  • kcoppkcopp Posts: 3,324Member
    Even IF you can find/ replace the parts... Im not so sure you can get the bolts out.
    I think you should pack it in and replace the whole boiler.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 887Member
    Time to get new boiler. There are a few outfits that will retube the heat exchanger. Your refractory is probably shot as well as some of the burners.
  • HVACNUTHVACNUT Posts: 1,974Member
    > @ice4me said:
    > Hi guys,
    > I've never been a fan of band-aid solutions, but I only need this system to last one more winter, if possible.
    Gee I've never heard that before.

    Do what you can now to replace the boiler. You've been lucky for a long time.
    If things are tight, there might be outfits in your area who offer 0 or low interest financing. The replacement doesn't have to be fancy, just sized and installed correctly.
  • delta Tdelta T Posts: 734Member
    You need a new boiler.....that being said, if you are only aiming at one more season, try using some stop leak and see what happens. I have had mixed results. If it works, it will most likely last the rest of this heating season, but it is definitely time to get a new boiler next summer!
  • ice4meice4me Posts: 21Member
    Thanks guys. The new boiler is already in the works. The problem is that it is part of a large renovation and most of the radiant floors it will serve have not been installed yet. The system we are currently running is all baseboard and the plan was to use it for one more winter until the new system is fully commissioned sometime next summer. The new boiler isn't located in the same location as the old one either, so temporarily tying it into the old system would be a major undertaking.

    I guess I'll give the stop-leak a shot and see if that will work. I think the picture makes it look a bit worse than it actually is. I had the boiler apart last year to clean the heat exchanger and most the refractory material was in great shape. The burner also works flawlessly. Unfortunately those seals have just dried up.
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