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got hosed yesterday

GWGW Posts: 3,370Member
So we did a new boiler and the puker was dripping, I'm like 'dang, that's odd'. I replaced the exp tank and all is good. At the end of the day (couple hours later) I take the bad tank up the stairwell, need to return the darn thing. It was a true comedy scene, I had the bad Extrol in one arm and a small/medium load of miscellaneous tools and wares in the other. Half way up the stairs the bad tank starts shooting water, like, it's shooting out pretty darn good.

I need a thumb to plug the aperture. I can't just drop what I have in my left arm; that would be a problem. My brain races and I kind wiggle my little hips and scooch the tank so I can get a thumb on the top of the bad tank. It kinda works. It's still spritzing though becasue my muscle group wasn't expecting this bout of balance. One wrong move and the tank pops out of my right arm and bounces away. The homeowners are 20 feet away, sitting in their chairs watching some political tv show. Mid terms were hot this year. I think they are the 'other party' based on the channel.

I get to the top of the stairs and try my best to unload the left arm. The nice lady clearly sees my struggling and comes and asks if I'm alright, and if I got hurt. I say I'm fine, but I have to explain what happened. After all, her nice husband is a retied mech engineer.

It was all good. she was cool, the hubby was chill. We ended the day chatting; he was telling me about his working days as a lead guy at a tampon factory. I learned more about tampons in 5 minutes that i knew the previous 52 years.

Today was more normal.

Gary Wilson
Wilson Services, Inc
Northampton, MA
[email protected]


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