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Please help before the cold weather!

jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
edited November 2018 in Domestic Hot Water
I have a kerr tw2000 wood/oil boiler system that also heats my hot water as well as my rads, im wondering if someone can recommend the best settings for me? On the wood stove i have a single aquastat and a dual aquastat, the single one i think starts the circulator pump, it has 2 dials on it 1 is set at 150° and the other at 160°, and on the dual aquastat the high is set to 200° and the low is set to 180° both dials have another gold dial that i think is the differential if so it is set 10° lower on each one, then on my oil burner i got a tripple aquastat and the hi is set at 170° and the low is 140° and the differential is set at 15°. I hope someone can help me set it up to run its best cause i dont even know what the 2 settings are for on the single aquastat for the circulator pump.


  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 1,494
    I would need to know for sure what each stat does before making a recommendation.
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    This is the single aquastat it is on my wood stove and it runs to the circulating pump
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    This one is my dual aquastat it is also on my woodstove and my draft on the door is hooked up to it
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    And this is my triple aquastat it is on my oil burner/furnace
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    My house is a 2 story house and I live in Canada and have pretty cold winters if that helps with the settings
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    My settings are

    Single aquastat - 160° and 170°

    Dual aquastat - 200° high and 175° low pretty sure 10° differential

    Triple aquastat - 170° high and 140° low with 15° differential
  • SuperJSuperJ Member Posts: 576
    The manual seems very readable and lots of info (including default aquastat settings and some rational for the settings):

    Wood boilers tend to be the wild west of heating, with many systems appearing to work well but having some issues when you dig into the details.

    Are you actually having a problem, or are you just trying to confirm the settings?
    Did someone install this for you or did you self install?
    Has the system been started and commissioned or just bolted together?

    The aqua-stats probably have enough range that you could damage equipment with the wrong setting(s). If you run the temps too low you'll condense in your oil burner, or creosote your chimney up. Too high and you may have temperature/pressure reliefs going off, and mineral precipitation problems, or even worse warping and cracking.
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    This was installed when the previous owner had the house then when I bought it I messed with the settings a bit, and not really having a problem just wanted to see if I can get the settings set up to work their best! Like on my triple aquastat tho differential is set at 15° and I have read somewhere to set it at 10° and another place to set it at 25°
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the manual by the way! I'm reading it and I see some factory settings and a lot of good information.
  • jgaudetjgaudet Member Posts: 9
    Ok so here is how I got my settings as per the manual

    Single aquastat 160°

    Dual aquastat on wood boiler high 200° low 170°

    Triple aquastat on oil burner is what I need recommendation for because it dont say in the manual and right now I have it at

    High 170° low 140° differential 15°
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