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Steam Safety Relief discharge trapping

Dale_3 Member Posts: 57
As the title suggests this is a discharge line off of a safety valve. For the life of me I cannot understand why this trap was installed in this line. I can understand the need to trap the line but that is normally done with piping alone. Can someone please make me smarter?


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 9,750
    I don't know what you mean by a "safety relief valve".....I don't see one in your picture. Maybe need a close up shot.

    What it looks to me is a steam pipe that is dripped and the trap discharge must go somewhere? Maybe a feeder pump pit?
  • Mike_Sheppard
    Mike_Sheppard Member Posts: 682
    Definitely looks like a steam main drip. I don’t see any safety valve there.

    It’s a drip that’s not going to work very well.
    Never stop learning.
  • Dale_3
    Dale_3 Member Posts: 57
    The relief valve is not pictured. Sorry. The line pictured is the discharge line from it. Thanks
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 9,750
    The 3/4 or 1" looks tapped into the bottom of the 5-6" steam pipe.....to me anyway.
  • RayWohlfarth
    RayWohlfarth Member Posts: 953
    Dale If that is indeed the relief valve outlet, this is a real problem. The relief valve outlet cannot have a blockage or valve in the discharge piping. You should suggest changing it Good luck
    Ray Wohlfarth
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  • Dale_3
    Dale_3 Member Posts: 57
    Thanks for the feedback but I don't think my pictures or communication skills are getting the proper question across. This is the before picture with the relief valve in it. In its current configuration the low point was close to the first 90* so instead of reworking everything and installing a steam ell like I wanted the engineer opted to add a drain. So the above picture is of how it stands now. If I were an engineer and would have added this drain I would have trapped it but it would have been done with piping and an established water level to ensure steam doesn't enter the mechanical room if the valve were to lift. This set up looks to be problematic to say the least. In my opinion it is unsafe. I hope this explains things a little better. Sorry for the bad pictures but they were the easiest to get to.

    Thanks - Dale
  • Sailah
    Sailah Member Posts: 826
    That system would look so good with some ultrasonic steam trap monitors B)
    Peter Owens