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Auto Water Feed

I just had a new Burnham boiler installed. The auto water feed goes on several times a day. My house is 82 years old. The return lines are underground. There are no visual leaks. My concern is, do I have to endure the installation of a new return that will cause extreme construction issues with the demolition of a family room, or, can I just leave it and let the boiler refill. What if after new return line, auto water fill is still going on too often. Then I've spent a lot of money for nothing. Please advise the most prudent way to fix. Thank you.


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,518
    Was the boiler skimmed after it was installed? Does the boiler seem to over fill? It is most likely the boiler needs skimming and the auto fill comes on because the water level is unstable due to dirt and oils from the new installation.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 9,760
    If it is dirty water that activates the auto fill then the boiler would be overfilled…..unless there is a leak somewhere.

    To check for leaks below the water line, that would be under ground returns, if you mark the water level on the sight glass when boiler is cool/cold. Shut off the water supply to the auto fill valve to assure that no water will squeak by. Shut off the power to the boiler also.

    Let it sit as long as possible and monitor the water level in the sight glass. If it drops and continues to drop then water is going somewhere. If you see no leaks in piping below the water level then the under floor return piping is the suspect.