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gas pipe touching steam pipe

ericjs Member Posts: 1
I've recently bought a house with steam heat, and had the asbestos insulation removed from the steam pipes in the basement (by an professional). Now as I'm reinsulating the pipes with fiberglass, I noticed there is a gas pipe resting on top of one of the steam pipes. Previously I'm pretty sure it must have rested on top of the asbestos cover. Should I be worried about this? Is the heat of a steam pipe a danger to a gas pipe?

I haven't fired up the heat yet this year, because I wanted to get the insulation on, and now out of concern about this pipe.

If I put fiberglass over the steam pipe, the gas pipe will compress it right down. Even if I wrap extra layers in that spot I'm not sure how well it's going to insulate. I've considered using a hanger to raise the pipe up just a little--in fact there is a hanger a few feet back along the pipe which looks like it may have been meant to hold it, but the pipe misses it by about an inch diagonally. And I've also realized that there is another steam pipe a few more feet back that is just a few inches above this same gas pipe so if I were to raise it much at all, it will be close to touching that pipe. So I'm no sure raising it by a hanger will be of more use than just raising it by stuffing a lot of fiberglass between it and the steam pipe below.

Any advice appreciated


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,607
    Not a big concern but you should hang the gas pipe with a few new hangers and try and keep it off the steam line as much as possible. The new insulation will help.You may want to check pitch on the steam lines as well as they may also need a hanger or two