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Adding Radiator

josephcjosephc Posts: 19Member
We are constructing a one room addition and will be adding a radiator to the existing two pipe system. I have posted some topics relative to this addition in the past and now the day is finally here for piping. There is a supply and return branch already tapped into the existing main and return that we will be piping from. The plumber is using VIEGA - 1 inch supply and 3/4 inch return. The location of radiator will be towards the end of one of the mains.

Other than making sure lines are pitched properly and they dont become low point in system should I have a tee with threaded plug installed in the return line in case I need to add a vent? My main vent is a gorton no.2 at boiler (just installed - will be first run this season). With the viega I will not be able add anything later on my own so that is why I ask if I should plan ahead with the threaded tee. Should it be close to the trap outlet or back towards the return main?



  • KC_JonesKC_Jones Posts: 3,511Member
    Isn't this a steam system? That is supposed to be piped with black pipe and fittings.
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  • GBartGBart Posts: 546Member
    KC_Jones said:

    Isn't this a steam system? That is supposed to be piped with black pipe and fittings.

    Viega makes pro press fittings for steam. That could be what they mean.
  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 4,534Member
    I would put a tee on both the supply and return.
    I have been venting the supply mains on 2 pipe systems that are pumped returns and the steam delivery has increased...….some may frown upon this but it works.

    Without know the overall length of your system, a steam supply vent at that point may not improve the system.

    But tees are cheap at this point and plugs are even cheaper.
  • josephcjosephc Posts: 19Member
    edited October 12
    the viega is black pipe; I have posted questions on that option in the past - I also confirmed with the mfg that its not an issue with low pressure steam. What it does do is not give me many options if I have to add something myself later.
  • FredFred Posts: 6,577Member
    Tee's and plugs at the end of a steam supply and Tees and plugs/ full port valves on returns are never a bad idea
  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 4,534Member
    The plumber could add black pipe threaded tees/nipples at the takeoff point, then go with his press system.
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