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Bleed valve? Or something else?

We are trying to put in a new dishwasher and stumbled on this contraption connected to the radiator pipes running through our walls. We’re trying to figure out if we can move/remove it to fit the DW in place. Having the boiler serviced early October but the DW is coming next week and I’d really like to install it... this piece appears to be in the highest point of this particular loop but there are other loops in the ceiling so this isn’t the highest point overall. Any ideas?


  • Paul PolletsPaul Pollets Posts: 3,182Member
    This is an air vent bleeder to purge air in the loops. The system would have to be de-pressurized to move it. If you have radiant walls or ceilings, a purge port is always helpful. If there is air in the system it will reduce efficiency and make noise. Make sure the pump is installed on the supply riser at the boiler pushing away from the expansion tank location. This will minimize air in the system.
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