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Title 5

bean Member Posts: 34
What is Title 5 when it comes to boiler combustion?


  • unclejohn
    unclejohn Member Posts: 1,833
    To us regular folk's it means the boiler gets federal holidays off.

    In California it means this...
    14001. Minimum Standards.

    Educational facilities planned by school districts shall be:

    Evolved from a statement of educational program requirements which reflects the school district's educational goals and objectives.
    Master-planned to provide for maximum site enrollment.
    Located on a site which meets California Department of Education standards as specified in Section 14010.
    Designed for the environmental comfort and work efficiency of the occupants.
    Designed to require a practical minimum of maintenance.
    Designed to meet federal, state, and local statutory requirements for structure, fire, and public safety.
    Designed and engineered with flexibility to accommodate future needs.

    Plus about 600 pages more give or take.
  • GBart
    GBart Member Posts: 746
    edited June 2018
    I think you mean DAR 5, Title 5 usually concerns inspections, depending on the state of course.

    DAR 5 ( link below)

    I. Purpose
    This policy is written to delineate the requirements by owners or operators of small boilers to perform tune-ups annually.

    II. Background
    This guidance is issued in order to assure that tune-ups on small boilers are performed by owners or operators of small boilers in accordance with parameters established by DEC and various regulations outlined in this guidance.

    III. Policy
    This guidance will insure that owners or operators of small boilers carry out the annual tune-ups in a manner acceptable to DEC, thereby meeting the requirements of the tune up procedures as well as the necessary recordkeeping.

    IV. Responsibility
    The owners or operators of small boilers are responsible to carry out the tune up of these boilers and to maintain adequate records.

    V. Procedure
    This policy was previously issued as Air Guide-33. No substantive changes have been made to this document.

    Small Boiler Tune-Up Requirements for NOx RACT Compliance
    Section 227-2.4(d) of Part 227 requires Owners or operators of small boilers to perform tune-ups prior to June 1, 1995 and annually thereafter. According to Section 227-2.2(b)(19) a tune-up for a small boiler is defined as "adjustments made to the combustion process to optimize combustion efficiency of the unit in accordance with procedures provided by the manufacturer (or an approved specialist)." Please note that if the owner or operator is using the scheduled tune-up and procedures provided by the manufacturer, then they have already met the tune-up requirements. Additionally, DEC stresses that if the owner or operator does not presently have the manufacturer's maintenance schedule, it is in their best interest to request a copy of the schedule or that a new schedule be prepared for their boiler. This guidance not only discusses specifically those owners or operators who choose to have tune-up procedures written by an approved specialist, but it also sets forth the recordkeeping requirements for all small boiler tune-ups.