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Opinions on Peerless Purefire

SuperJ Member Posts: 605
I have the opportunity to get a new old stock Peerless Purefire pf50 for a swap. The price is right but I'm not sure if it's worth installing or not. I'd like to replace my Polaris tank with a real modcon at some point. Most of what I read about the Purefire when searching is anecdotal reports of typical modcon problems. Not deal breaker type stuff but I don't really see glowing reports either.
The alternative is a spend a little more and probably go with a IBC, Viessmann, or Lochinvar since I can get one at a wholesale price thru my company. That'll cost me a couple thousand more though. So if a properly installed Purefire doesn't have any major flaws I might go that way. Any opinions? Major flaws?

The size is appropriate as my heat loss is about 40kbtu. Would like a lower minbfire rate than 12kbtu, but since I'm microzoned I'll be putting a small buffer tank in no matter what the min fire rate is.


    HVACNUT Member Posts: 4,209
    My only complaint with the Purefire is they're louder than most. The combustion fan really jets. It's got a large cabinet so everything is accessible. And like you said, you get the same nonsense as any other mod con.
  • SuperJ
    SuperJ Member Posts: 605
    Ok thanks. It's in a mech room in my basement so I don't think the noise will be an issue. My existing powervent hot water tank is already pretty loud.
    As long as there aren't any big design flaws I think I'll go with it. If I'm not happy I'll flip it for something else. The efficiency is down a couple percent compared to top tier Modcons, but in the real world it'll probably be better than the Polaris which I'm happy with.