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Relocating TPR from side to top question

jb9 Member Posts: 104

I am going to be installing a lowboy water heater in my crawlspace. AHJ said no problem just make sure I run the TPR outlet outside and maintain the 6" above the ground. As a result, I need to find a lowboy (electric) that has the TPR on the top. Can anyone recommend a brand or tank that fits this requirement?

-Top mount TPR port (or the inclusion of optional side AND top ports)
-Something that could support a combination anode (if I need to go that route to mount a TPR)
-Something that will accept a segmented anode down the road as well

Also, I will run the discharge line out as copper through my stem wall. Is it OK if the stem wall sleeve is made of PVC as long as the pipe contained inside is 3/4" copper?



    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,079
    If you are in an area that has freezing temps and if your T&P valve drips or dribbles it would freeze the end of the pipe shut.
    I have just put the relief valve pipe in the heated crawl space and maybe sit a bucket under it. If it needs to open it will and that is safer than a plugged drain line.
    This is a line you want to see and sometime check the bucket for water.

    Of course there is a story to tell. Old farm house had excessive electric bills and not a lot of hot water available.
    The WH was in a finished closet and the T&P line was hot.
    It was piped down thru the floor into the crawl space that no one wanted to or ever visit. It was dribbling into the crawl space unnoticed for maybe a year. A new T&P valve solved it all.
    (it would never have frozen, but the point is the discharge point needs to be visible to monitor for problems.)
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,635
    Big question is where you are located? I question the AHJ making you pipe the T & P outside if your in a freezing location as @JUGHNE mentioned.

    If you have to pipe the new line going outside pipe it in 1 1/2" copper and pitch it 1/4"/foot like a drain line. Come off the T & P with 3/4" and just stub it inside the 1 1/2" don't make a tight connection
    rick in Alaska
  • jb9
    jb9 Member Posts: 104
    These are definitely good points. Yes, I am in a cold dry climate and there will be some snow. I would much rather run the T&P into a bucket in the crawlspace than have a penetration in my stem wall... I definitely need the tank in the crawlspace since my structure is only 12x16. I don't want to antagonize the AHJ as I get my project going... I really want the lowboy in the crawl. I suppose I could cap the penetration and run the line if he gives me a correction? What do you guys do in a situation like this?

    (It's my house BTW)