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Wanted: Manual tool for Uponor MLC Pex-Al-Pex 1/2" Press fittings.

GRIZGRIZ Posts: 23Member
Looking for a manual tool for Uponor MLC Pex-Al-Pex 1/2" Press fittings. These things are crazy expensive for a manual tool. I'd also entertain a "rental" arrangement. Ship it to me and I'll ship it back when I'm done and pay you well for the hassle.


  • mercedesmercedes Posts: 39Member

    Are you using the press tool to connect to the manifold? What I use if using uponor manifold there compression fittings for MLC tubing and other manifold Caleffi compression fittings. I have good success connecting the MLC tubing to the manifold. Example part numbers Uponor 5/8 D4120625 or Caleffi 682545a.
  • GRIZGRIZ Posts: 23Member
    Thanks Dan, I am planning to use compression fittings at the manifold, but I have some in-the-wall/ceiling fittings to connect and I am not a fan of burying compression fittings in a wall or ceiling.
  • GRIZGRIZ Posts: 23Member
    In my project I am re-piping my old CI radiators with home runs with MLC.
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