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Condensate return vents spewing.

Big Will
Big Will Member Posts: 394
Here is a link to the pics of the system. We pulled all the wet return piping so we could clean it or replace it where we could not clean it really well. The fun part is this never happens when we are on site. The house is all baseboard convectors. Any thoughts?


  • MilanD
    MilanD Member Posts: 1,159
    edited March 2018
    Only thing that comes to me is that your operating pressure is so high that it pushes the return condensate column up that vertical pipe and out the vent as the natural place of egress. How high is your pressure? The pics show 2 psi with 2 psi cut out. That's waaaay to high! That will lift water up 9 feet. Is that vent 9 feet above the water line? If not, dial down the op pressure.
  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 4,832
    Agree with above check the pressure. If this is 2 pipe you want it down in ounces of pressure.

    Also your Hartford loop nipple is supposed to be a close nipple not that long one you have in there. Not part of your current problem, but it can cause other problems.

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  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,518
    That's a big boiler to only have one riser out of it. Is there even a Header or does that riser connect right into the main(s)? Pressure and velocity of steam out of that boiler are both suspect.
  • Big Will
    Big Will Member Posts: 394
    Pressure is supposed to be set for .5 to 2 psi operating range. It can certainly be lowered even more.
  • newagedawn
    newagedawn Member Posts: 586
    the nipple into the hartford loop is to long, need a close nipple there and there are no pics of the header, love the peerless steamers, huge fan!!!!
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  • New England SteamWorks
    New England SteamWorks Member Posts: 1,429
    I am going to take an educated guess that there is no boiler header. Which means you're throwing a lot of moisture up into the system along with the steam. Which would certainly contribute to your problem.
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